Office 365 for IT Pros

TMT08 Copilot for End Users - Getting Started


2:45pm - 4:00pm

Level: Introductory

Stacy Deere-Strole

Solutions Architect

Focal Point Solutions LLC

Help end users learn about and prepare for the use of Microsoft 365 Copilot! This session will cover a range of topics, including an overview of Copilot's capabilities, best practices for using Copilot, and strategies for integrating Copilot into your organization's workflows. How to manage the human transformation through robust user enablement programs, invest in the employee experience, improve the culture, authentically integrate feedback, build and iterate technical skills to deliver on business results, provide access to training and experts, manage and mitigate risk, and improve service management processes. This session will provide valuable insights and information to help end users make the most of their Copilot experience.

You will learn:

  • About Copilot's capabilities
  • Best practices for using Copilot
  • Strategies for driving adoption